Band : Hemina
Album title : Synthetic
Label : Nightmare Records
Distributor : Connecting Music
Release Date : 27/03/2012
Release : CD

To say that for us Europeans, and even for Americans, Australian music is almost uncharted territory, with the exception of a few bands who had success abroad (and still have success for some of them) would be not far from the truth.

Yet it seems ‘down under’ they have been hiding quite a few gems.  This band Hemina surely is one of them.  So far they’ve only released one 5 track EP, so this is their first full CD, which clocks of at a massive 80 minutes.

They’re not yet on par with Dream Theater, but they’re very nearly there. Guitar work by Douglas Skene, whose also the lead vocalist and  Mitch Coull is awesome to say the least, but the keyboards also add just that touch that these songs need.  Except the drummer all band members, including female bass player Jessica Martin take care of the harmony vocals.

Final conclusion : A stunning album by these folks from down under.  Imagine listening to them in a little club, while consuming copious amounts of Foster.  Anyone a candidate ?


Erik Morren.