CD REVIEW Heroin In Tahiti

Band : Heroin In Tahiti
Album title : Death Surf
Label : Boring Machines
Distributor : /
Release date : 18/01/2012
Release : LP

HIT is a duo of Italian musicians (Valerio Mattioli of AAVV Videos and Thetlvmth repute, and Francesco De Figueiredo of Opium Child) who are somewhat adamant in pointing out that they both hail from that Eastern part of Rome known as the “Borgota Boredom” scene, that local community of crumbling and deteriorating neighborhoods which were immortalised in old movies by the likes of Neorealist cinema greats Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vittorio De Sica, and Luchino Visconti.

And why shouldn't they? On the one side their instrumental music IS somewhat soundtrack-ish, on the other side the guys keep their music believable by playing a variety of cheap guitars, analog syntesizers, drum machines and pedals, with somewhat of a lo-fi quality to the music as a result. If that makes it sound a bit out-of-time (as mentioned in the bio we got along with our download promo of the album), it also makes it sound timeless and frankly, like something I'll still wanna listen to in 30 years time. “Spaghetti Wasteland”, is what the band duo its music according to that same bio, and it so happens it also is the title of the second track on the album...which could've been an Ennio Morricone runaway thanks to the nice slide guitar and overall atmosphere on it. That same sweeping and sliding guitar also gives the title track of the album a very nice Surf feel, but on the other tracks the Western feel is somewhat dominant. The info sheet talks about Polynesia as a reference as well, but I guess that's mainly due to the band's name, because I sure cannot discern any of the usually sunny ukelele melodies in HIT's rather dark and relatively calm played psychedelic tunes.

If that sounds a bit gloomy, and makes things sound like HIT music is not for the naturally melancholic, the music nevertheless lifted this reviewer's spirits thanks to the simple layered nature of the compositions. Indeed, in a world where even mainstream music is somewhat dominated by more violent music these days, Heroin In Tahiti was a welcome breath of fresh air, and I invite anyone into Psychedelics with a Progressive hint to go listen to the preview tracks the band posted at (www.) (same songs are also available at the band's MySpace). For an extra track, check out the band's page at (www.) If the taster makes you want for more, know that currently the label is distributed in Italy (by SoundOhm & Goodfellas), the UK (Cargo Records & Rhythm Online) and the US (Eclipse Records & Experimedia). Me, I'll try to get the album from the record store downtown first (good chance they'll wanna order it for me anyway).

As for my final rating of the album...I simply did not have enough time with the material (wish I could've dreamt on over it for a couple more days), and although I'm completely off the planet by the material, I'm reserving my right to add the album to my 2012 year-lists, until I can actually put the vinyl album on!