CD REVIEW Human Temple

Band : Human Temple
Album title : Halfway To Heartache
Label : Escape Music
Distributor : Escape Music – Connecting Music
Release Date : 24/02/2012
Release : CD

Human Temple is a band hailing from Finland, and this ‘Halfway To Heartache’ is their third album so far.  Their debut album ‘Insomnia’ was released in 2004, and just like it’s 2010 follow-up album ‘Murder Of Crows’ received very good reviews. 

And this, their third album, is on the same way I would guess.  10 good tracks out of 11, with a good mix of hard rock, metal and AOR influences, ready to please a lot of people.  What I like a lot is the clever mix between guitars and keyboard, just the right amount of each of them.  Top that of with a good vocalist, who sings without any noticeable accent, and hey presto  you’ve got another northern gem.

Musically I’d say their sound finds its origins in the eighties hard rock/metal scene, but with of course a more modern production.  I’d even dare to say that at moments these guys sound a (tiny) bit like Gotthard.  Only the closing track, the ballad ‘She Talks To Angels’ is, as far as I’m concerned a filler and might have been left out.


Erik Morren.