CD REVIEW Jack Blades

Band : Jack Blades
Album title : Rock N Roll Ride
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux. – Tone Ent.
Release Date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

Back in the 80ies Mr. Jack Blades was active in Nightranger, a band that was rather successful in the States, Canada and Japan in AOR circles, and he actually still is in Nightranger.  You might even know one or more of their songs, as some tunes were used in films. Later on he made some good albums under the with Damn Yankees -  a band that also counted Tommy Shaw amongst its members, just like Mr. Caveman Ted Nugent.

He released it’s first solo album in 2004, and this here is his second effort.  I doubt this album will have soaring sales in Europe, as it’s more destined towards the American market.  Yet one cannot deny that with this album Mr. Blades has delivered a nice album.

The Nightranger influences are obviously there, and some of the songs also remind me of the Damn Yankees, but what surprised me a bit was that there are some songs where he sounds like Tom Petty, which actually should not be that surprising, since both have a penchant for the same band : The Beatles.

To sum it up: this is definitely a feel good album, to play during those long lazy evening hours in summer.


Erik Morren.