CD REVIEW Jeff Scott Soto

Band : Jeff Scott Soto
Album title : Damage Control
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux. – Tone Ent.
Release Date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

I suppose Jeff Scott Soto does not need an introduction anymore.  If you’ve never before heard of this guy, either you’ve been in cryogenic state for the last 30 or twenty years, or you’ve been living on a remote island with no connection to the modern world. 

This guy has been swimming in different waters in his career.  He’s been singing with Yngwie Malmsteen, with Axel Rudi Pell, but has also been active in Talisman, as well as under his own name.  Finally he almost became the frontman for legendary AOR band Journey.  He was most recently spotted in Trans Siberian Orchestra.

‘Damage Control’ is his fifth official solo album.   Whereas the album is in no way original, it’s sheer quality is enough to decide this album definitely is a must have.  Jeff’s voice after all these years is stil as good and powerful as ever.  The tracks on this album are mostly up tempo AOD/hard rock tunes, chock full of nice guitar work, and to top it off the production is crystal clear.

In contrast to his previous solo album, this time Jeff sticks to his rock roots, so no more funky detours this time.


Erik Morren.