Band : Kiros
Album title : Lay Your Weapons Down
Label : Century Media
Distributor : EMI
Release date : 2012
Release : CD

Try to think this through with me. What does a quote like 'Lay You Weapons Down' make you think of? Does it introduce a time of peace or just the opposite? Browsing through the band page of the Canadian rock band Kiros might make you quite cynical. Be aware not to stumble over words such as 'worship' and 'ultimate peace', which might make the average metal head heave. However, open minded as we are, we are more than willing to lend our ears to Kiros's newest release.
Taking all songs into consideration, Lay Your Weapons Down is not quite as bad as expected. The record holds a more than just acceptable amount of rock tunes and well elaborated detail. There are a couple of well mastered guitar riffs and a bunch of catchy melodic tunes. The vocals might be a bit monotone, vocalist Barry McKichan has a nice pair of vocal chords which support the music Kiros brings perfectly well. With Lay Your Weapons Down, Kiros succeeded (whether it was their intension or not) to move their sound towards a more progressive rock style. However, this is not always the case. In some parts or songs, the acoustic guitar clearly takes the lead, which ensures a nice break. Something that definitely has to be appreciated is the fact that Kiros did not overdo this acoustic style, not at all actually.
Nice record to say the least. Looking forward to how Kiros will evolve after Lay Your Weapons Down.