CD REVIEW Meshuggah

Band : Meshuggah
Album title : Koloss
Label : Nuclear Blast Records
Distributor : PIAS
Release date : 23/03/2012
Release : CD

Meshuggah are back in business and they are more promising than ever before! No compromises this time, only Math Metal to the bone. 'Math Metal?' I hear you saying. If you don't know yet, Meshuggah are the pioneers of this metal genre. What it means in just some words? Well, you could define it as 'a metal genre displaying extremely high technical control of instruments'. A pure example of this are the highly chaotic guitar riffs. Now, the term 'chaotic' might raise some negative awareness, so don't get me wrong. With 'chaotic', I mean 'damn well mastered' and these Swedes definitely know how to deal with this.
On their latest release, Koloss, Meshuggah clearly try to go a bit further with this, pushing their self-created genre to its extremes. In over twenty years, it goes without saying that Koloss turned out to be one of the most anticipated album the band has ever given life to. Just lend your ears to songs such as The Demon's Name Is Surveillance, Do Not Look Down or Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion and you'll immediately find out that they're all highly grooving metal tracks that will not leave the smallest headbanger at ease.
A great plus of this record is the duration of the songs. Almost all tracks have a duration of about five minutes, which is just perfect.
Bone hard metal to the core! Meshuggah has just unleashed a Koloss onto this world!