CD REVIEW Mistheria

Band : Mistheria
Album title : Keys of Eternity
Label : Sifare Publishing
Distributor : ?
Release date : ?/?/2011
Release : CD

Mitheria will probably be quite an unknown name to most metal heads. It's in fact the project of a renowned keyboardist extraordinaire: Giuseppe Iampieri. Besides Mistheria, Giuseppe has lent his virtuous hands to artists such as Bruce Dickinson (on his album Tyranny of Souls), Neil Zaza and many more. Just check out his website for the entire list and find yourself amazed with what and whom this Italian guy has given his collaboration to.
On his latest release, Keys of Eternity, he's taking another break. Not musically as a whole, but he's clearly taking a step back out of the metal scene. Keys of Eternity is entirely instrumental (piano lead) and classical. I'm sure that most metal heads will not favour this decision of him, but being a fan of classical music myself, this album is so intimate, so personal, it absolutely shows how much Mistheria has grown as an artist. He proves not only to be an impressive musician, but an even great composer.
If you want to calm down and discover the true magic of Misteria, lend your ears to songs such as Voice of the Heart, Lullaby For Simone and Teslina Sonata and find yourself carried away by emotion and a pure feeling of relaxation.