Band : MoeTar
Album title : From These Small Seeds
Label : Magna Carta
Distributor : Bertus
Release Date : 28/02/2012
Release : CD

Is someone having a grudge against me.  After having had to listen to Alex Winston I was unwise enough to take on the MoeTar release.  And yet again what a disappointment this was.  OK, music wise it was better in that at times it even sounded a bit like rock.  But the vocals are almost just as bad.  Again a female fronted band, where the vocalist has a high pitched voice, that gets unpleasant to listen to after a few songs.

And the music itself is also rather strange.  There are some rock elements in it, but also some yazzy influence, a bit of prog-rock.  This album might be something for Pink Floyd or vintage Genesis’s fans, but if you’re more into AOR/hard rock/metal then stay far away from this album.

I give it a slightly higher score than Alex Winston, because I has some rock in it, but that’s just about it.


Erik Morren.