Band: Note To Amy
Album title: Midnight Arsons/Morning Ghosts
Label: Graviton Music Services
Distributor: Rough Trade – Concreteweb Promotion Office.
Release date: 17/02/2012
Release: CD

When looking at the cover of this album, you should think that you have to deal with a new emo band, but nothing about that is true. In the contrary, Note To Amy plays melodic rock music like bands such as Nickelback and Alter Bridge do it.
In 2007, they released their first EP, called The Lady's First Song, and now they strike back with their very first full length, called Midnight Arsons, Morning Ghosts. These Dutchmen have definitely worked hard on this album, you can tell: the booklet looks very professional, the production and mastering of the songs sounds very good, ... The only thing is that all songs sound very alike. It's hard to distinguish one song from another. The reason for that is that the rhythm and the guitar sound stay the same during the entire album. Also the voice of singer Remco Tuns sounds very good, but too familiar. It makes me think about the voice of Volbeat's singer all the time. Nevertheless, I have to agree that I like the rock vibe I get from each song.
Note To Amy has already played lots of concert in their home country, but this release might open doors to other countries.


Nick Tronckoe.