CD REVIEW Peter Pan Speedrock

Band: Peter Pan Speedrock
Album title: FiftySomeSuperhits
Label: Suburban Records
Distributor: Suburban - Bertus
Release date: 10/12/2011
Release: CD

The pride of The Netherlands when it comes down to good rock 'n roll definitely is Eindhoven rock city's finest rock machine Peter Pan Speedrock. Known for their intense live shows and excellent albums, they've decided to throw everything they've reached so far on two albums, gathered on FiftySomeSuperhits, which can be considered as a 'best of' album. Altogether, there are 58 tracks on this record. They contain their greatest hits, such as Killer Speed, We Want Blood, Donkey Punch and many more. Next to all their best songs, they also added a Heideroosjes cover, being I'm Not Deaf. Next to that they also recorded the song Werelddelen together with Def P, Dynamite with Dikke Dennis and a cover for Ghostriders In The Sky.
FiftySomeSuperhits is the perfect roadtrip album for the Summer to come.


Nick Tronckoe.