CD REVIEW Poison My Blood

Band: Poison My Blood
Album title: The Countess
Label: Let It Burn Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 20/04/2012
Release: CD

Belgium has always been a breeding ground for good metalcore acts. Just think of bands such as The Maple Room, Liar, Campus, ... Also Poison My Blood is part of that list. Just one year after the release of their very first studio album, The Great Northern, The five guys got back in the studio to start working on five new songs. Now these songs are ready and gathered on the EP called The Countess. The first song of that record, Misantrophy already feels like getting a vicious kick to your face: no soft intro to get you warmed up, but heavy vocals, guitar riffs and drumming instead of that. All other four songs follow the basic principle and don't let any room to catch a breath. Although all five songs sound very aggressive, they are all very distinctive.
Poison My Blood has proven for the second time that they deserve a spot at the top of the Belgian metalcore scene. Prepare for war !


Nick Tronckoe.