CD REVIEW Silverstein

Band: Silverstein
Album title: Short Songs
Label: Hopeless Records
Distributor: Suburban - Bertus
Release date: 06/02/2012
Release: CD

Most people know Silverstein as an emo / screamo band which has already toured the world a dozen times, which has gained headliner spots at numerous festivals, ... This new record, called Short Songs, brings you eleven new tracks by these Americans, but all of them are, as the title says, short songs. The longest song, SOS, lasts 1 minute and 37 seconds and the shortest, See Ya Bill takes only seven seconds. Don't think that Silverstein has all of the sudden decided to only play fast hardcore songs. I have to agree that these first eleven new songs sound heavier than anything they have ever released before, but fortunately for the fans, they stuck to their own sound for the most part: melodic choruses, clean vocals, ...
The second part of Short Songs contains eleven other songs, but these are all cover songs of bands that started the hardcore and punk rock scene. Bands as Dead Kennedys, Gorilla Biscuits, Descendents, NOFX, Chixdiggit, Green Day, Good Clean Fun and some more. Silverstein managed to make it sound almost as rough as the original songs.
If you don't know where Silverstein comes from, then I suggest you should take a listen to this album. Who knows? It might change your life. Hardcore kids up front !


Nick Tronckoe.