CD REVIEW Still Screaming

Band: Still Screaming
Album title: Stick At Nothing
Label: WTF Records
Distributor: Suburban - Bertus
Release date: 15/10/2011
Release: CD

Still Screaming is a hardcore band from Germany who has already been around for more than five years and if it's up to them to decide, five more will follow when you experience the energy on their new album, called Stick At Nothing.
Stick At Nothing is their fourth album and counts five brand new hardcore tracks as if they were written on the streets of New York. You can definitely hear the NYHC influence from bands such as Warzone and Cro-Mags. In one song, they sound like a youthcrew band, in the next one, the breakdowns are so heavy that they make you think of a beatdown band. Even crossover is present on the new album.
The only negative thing I can think of is the English of both vocalists. You can clearly hear that they're German as they don't sing proper English. It's rather something you should call Gernglish.
Stick At Nothing will definitely be appreciated by a huge crowd and will ensure them some nice shows and tours in the near future.


Nick Tronckoe