CD REVIEW The King Blues

Band: The King Blues
Album title: Punk & Poetry
Label: V2 Records
Distributor: PIAS
Release date: 10/10/2011
Release: CD

When you compare the first track, Last Of The Dreamers, to the cover of the The King Blues' new record, Punk & Poetry, you should think that this is the newest British hip hop or rap album. Just continue listening if you should be disappointed, because the second song, We Are Fucking Angry, combines all kinds of genres. The two main genres that can be heard in this song are reggae and punk rock, with a very distinct British edge. Others songs, such as Set The World On Fire, make me think of one of the leading ska punk bands, being Big D & The Kids Table. It's very easy to digest and puts a smile of positivity to your face.
One of the things that keeps this record interesting, next to a large variety of genres, are the intermezzos, such as Dancehall and Shooting Fascists. It actually are songs as well, but they are much shorter than the other nine tracks.
Punk & Poetry definitely is The King Blues' most diverse album so far and will definitely give them a break-through chance in Europe and the rest of the world. For fans of Frank Turner, The Streets, The Ramones, Gallows, ... well, actually for fans of every big act out there.


Nick Tronckoe.