CD REVIEW Vengeance

Band : Vengeance
Album title : Crystal Eye
Label : SPV Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 27/02/2012
Release : CD

Dutch band Vengeance exists since over thirty years, and has had it’s ups and downs over this period.  When guitarist Jan Somers died last year, one could only doubt if the band would  survive this backlash.

One way or another founding member, one could almost state him as being the last of the Mohicans Leon Goewie found the will and the energy to bring out a new album.  Some songs were written by famous other musicians, like Hans Ziller and Chris Lausmann (Bonfire) but Arjen Lucassen and Tony Martin contributed.

To back him up for his recording Leon asked the musicians from Chris Slade’s Steel Circle, who were more than willingly to help him out.  So with Chris Slade (ex AC/DC) on drums, Keri Kelli (ex Alice Cooper) on guitars and Chris Glen (Michael Schenker Group) on bass they started recording, whereas Michael Voss took care of the production (and also wrote the ballads on this album).

There is also some sort of tribute to Jan Somers on this album.  Not only does his son feature as a guest musician on some songs, but the last ‘track’ on this album is probably the last guitar solo by Jan  that was recorded before his unexpected death.
To say this is a good album is an understatement. It sounds very modern for a band that’s been in the business for over thirty years. 


Erik Morren.