Band: After All
Album title: Dawn Of The Enforcer
Label: CNR Records
Distributor: CNR Distributie
Release date: Out Now
Release: CD

Belgian trash metal band " After All" is back with it's 8th record. The band combines trash riffing with shattering metal vocals since 1995. Apart from 7 other studio recedes, the band released 6 EP's while constantly touring trough the while of Europe. Supporting none other than bands like Testament, Exodus, King Diamond, Fear Factory, Overkill and sharing the stage with many others.

This is more of a old school trash band, with more clean vocals and high pitched ones instead of screams and grunts. But they've putted the "old" style in a modern jackets by using modern sound. On this new record we can expect guest appearances by Steve Smyth (Forbidden), Juan Garcia & Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel) and Joey Vera (Armored Saint)

If your groom Belgium, you definitely have to hear this. You can be proud of this band that still defends metal and brings it through the masses over the whole of Europe. Good music, great sound with lots of energy