Band: Asaru
Title: From The Chasms Of Oblivion
Label: Schwarzdorn Production
Distribution: Soulfood / Sure Shot Worx
Release date: May 18th 2012
Review: CD

Asaru were originally formed in 1995 and during the nineties, this band released two demos and they recorded a first (mini) album, Baalpriku. It took, however, until 2009 (after a two-year break), for the release of the debut full length, Dead Eyes See Still (through ARTicaz Records), even though it was recorded three years earlier. Also in 2009, front man and vocalist / guitarist, music writer, lyricist and producer Frank ‘Akaias’ Nordmann (whom you might know as well from e.g. Agathodaimon, Varulv, Endzeit, Bösedeath and more) and his horde (amongst whom Frank’s Varulv-colleague Sebastian Wilkins) started writing material for the successor, which got recorded during Summer 2011 with Kristian Kohlmannslehner again at his famous Kohlekeller Studio (think: Burden, Crematory, Bluttaufe, Winds Of Torment, Six Reasons To Kill etc.); that’s where the band did record all official stuff before.

From The Chasms Of Oblivion, Asaru’s second full length, almost clocks an hour. More than before, this album seems heavily inspired by the Scandinavian scene, with (evidently) the Norwegian and Swedish ones on top. The cold, grim and Nordic Underground-sound, the changes in tempo and melody, and the equilibrium melody-brutality are just some examples of how From The Chasms Of Oblivion is influenced by the catchier up-tempo regions of Black Metal Terror.
Even though this band is not a renewing act, they do not sound like some cheap copycat of the scene’s protagonists. They know how to combine melodic epic with fierce war-lust and fearless battle-lust. And on top of it, the production is superb, at least when it comes to this specific kind of Metal: modestly raw and unpolished yet not the infantile way, and rather decent at the same time. Everything is in balance (even though the guitar riffs might sound little too dull from time to time) and that’s just perfect.

Not ‘waw’, not the best in their specific genre, yet decent, very decent…

For fans of: Urgehal, Naglfar, Necrophobic, Iskald, Dissection and Raise Hell.


Ivan Tibos.