Band : Asia
Album title : XXX
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertainment
Release Date : 29/06/2012
Release : CD

This is the third album since the original Asia members reunited in 2008, and a very good album it has become.  I must admit that I haven’t really been following this band real closely, since I always found them a bit too mild to my liking, but I played this record several times, and after a few spins started liking this album.

Of course Asia still play rather radio-friendly rock music, not real hard rock or so, but that doesn’t bother me at all.  These four guys are very talented musicians, and John Wetton may not be the greatest vocalist, but he has a very agreeable, warm voice.

It may well be that there are no real hits like ‘Heat Of The Moment’ on this album, but there are some real gems on it.  Just listen to the opening track ‘Tomorrow The World’, or the first single coming out of this album ‘Face On The Bridge’.

If you like well written and superbly played radio friendly rock then this is definitely an album you should buy.


Erik Morren.