CD REVIEW Billy The Kill

Band: Billy The Kill
Album title: 2012
Label: CNR - Roadrunner Records
Distributor: CNR – Tone Entertainment
Release date: Out Now
Release: CD

In May 2007 Billy The Kill was born. Only one year later, the band released their RP entitled "From The Ceiling To The Floor". A bit later, their full length album was released and in 2009, the band played festivals and shared stages in venues with band like Channel Zero, Bullet For My Valentine, Rise Against and many others.
I knew their name, but never actually heard their music. But upon reading their band info i was rather curious since they actually raised the bar somewhat rather high. Their latest creation can best be described as catchy pop rock.
Its not bad, but typical rock these days. Good musicianship all around, but it lacks power to keep people interested throughout the entire record. Although it has a few catchy riffs and lyrics, this isn't my kind of music as it is rather soft music and to much of a cliché.