CD REVIEW Blood Red Shoes

Band : Blood Red Shoes
Album title : In Time To Voices
Label : Cooperative Music
Distributor : Cooperative Music
Release date : 26/03/2012
Release : CD

Whenever you're a fan of Blood Red Shoes, the effort must have been extreme if you've missed this English band live. This boy and girl have been touring their asses off these past four years and they've only taken a small break to record their new record, entitled In Time To Voices. Only six months after entering the studio, the band's newest revelation was released.
I can be quite brief and honest about In Time To Voices. Every single song on this album sounds incredibly exciting and it's clear as day that the band has quickly grown up while on the road, both personally as musically.
On In Time To Voices we are treated to a complexity of eleven tracks. The songs are catchy, show lots of variation in sound and pace and, in addition, they obviously contain everything we're used of of Blood Red Shoes: a perfect balance between poppy melodies and complete wildness in the vast rock world. What these two people have achieved is truly unbelievable and In Time To Voices is clear proof that Blood Red Shoes have only just stepped into their starting position of conquering the world of alternative rock music.