Band : Doro
Album title : Under My Skin
Label : AFM Records
Distributor : Rock Inc
Release Date : 2012
Release : CD

This lady started her career over thirty years ago in a band called Warlock. I remember buying this album just like many of my friends did, because not only did Warlock write some good songs, but the vocals by Miss Pescj were also very good.  And also remember that back then there weren’t that many female fronted bands, and on top of that she also looked rather good.

After four Warlock albums Doro was the only original remaining band member, and since the record company had rights on the name of the band, album number 5 was released under the Doro name, as did all following albums.

Since Doro regularly releases a compilation – I would say every five years or so – this album is no absolute must have.  If however you want a collection of songs that spans the career of Doro, without having to buy all her older work, then this is definitely worth buying. It includes even some old Warlock songs, albeit not in the original version.  It also includes some special versions – most of whom can be found on one of her albums, but nevertheless.


Erik Morren.