CD REVIEW Satriani, Joe

Band : Satriani, Joe
Album title : Satchurated
Label : Epic Records
Distributor : Sony Music
Release date : 24/04/2012
Release : (Double) CD

“So,” I thought, “after the DVD, the CD!?”. Well, I made a slight mistake there, because the DVD I had in mind was the Live In Paris – I Just Wanna Rock DVD (review posted 10/03/2010, released a month earlier), and I haven't gotten any other Satriani releases through my greedy fingers since...not the October 2010 released studio album Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards, and not the April 2012 released DVD version  of this album either.

Some interesting points on the album. The film (showed in both 2D and 3D formats in movie theatres worldwide during March 2012, before the release of it on DVD/ Blu-Ray and CD – it was the first 3D concert film to be mixed in 7.1 surround sound) was shot at the Metropolis Theatre in Montréal, Canada, on December 12th, 2010 by award-winning film-makers Pierre and François Lamoureux, during Satriani's Wormhole Tour in promotion of his latest studio album. Not surprisingly, quite a lot of the set of that night came off the last album's track-list. In fact, except for “Wormhole Wizards”, the complete album is represented here (that's 10 tracks in all). Of the remaining 15 tracks, 2 come off 2008 album Professor Satchfunkius And The Musterion Of Rock, and “Crowd Song” represents its predecessor, 2006's Super Colossal. The 12 remaining tracks are older, even goin' back to Joe's beginning days (“Flying In A Blue Dream”).

Having come across this fine artist's DVD's before, I can only say one thing when it comes to his live recordings, and that is that I prefer the DVD's by a long shot. Usually, there's quite some editing, and personally I like all that fooling around with the audience. It's part of the show, and even if you cannot see the antics while listening to the live-CD, imagination doés provide, you know! Ah well, you can still hear sóme bantering with the audience on this disc, and that's what made it worth for me to listen to the two discs. I essence, when it comes to the man's music, the cleanest recordings are the studio albums anyway, and in my point of view the editing of the live recording simply diminishes the album it's on!

All in all, a nice release (of course, to me quite a bit of the material was still new). Live album → no rating!