CD REVIEW Korpiklaani

Band : Korpiklaani
Album title : Manala
Label : Nuclear Blast
Distributor : PIAS
Release date : 03/08/2012
Release : CD

The musical antics of this Finish band should be known by now. Starting off (under another bandname) as a purely Folk geared act, Metal was introduced, and begath the band Korpiklaani, which released its debut album Spirit Of The Forest in 2003 through Napalm Records. Two years later followed Voice Of Wilderness, and with in April 2006 we (meaning me, myself, and I) made our first acquaintance with the band through the album Tales Along This Road. Followed Tervaskanto in June 2007, Korven Kuningas in March 2008, Karkeloin June 2008, Ukon Wacka in February 2011 (review posted on the second of that month – check it and its predecessors for more detailed history on the band), and now we get the band's 8th album to date.

Earlier this year, a change in the line-up occurred, when violinist Tuomas Rounakari joined Jonne Järvelä (singer/ guitarist, and only constant of the band), Kalle Sarvijärvi (guitar, from Voice Of The Wilderness onwards), Matti Johansson (drums, from Voice Of The Wilderness onwards), Jarkko Aaltonen (bass, starting with Tales Along This Road) and Juho Kauppinen (accordion, also onwards from tales Along this Road). Not that the violin is a new instrument, as it was formerly played by one Teemu Eerola.

Expect your usual “Humppa Metal”, a catchy upbeat melodic metal with Folky underground, and raspy voices singing lyrics in their native tongue. Very infectious on the dancing feet and legs, when you're so inclined. Korpiklaani have an own website (www.), from where you'll find links to their pages on MySpace, facebook, twitter,, YouTube, flikr and Spotify. Check out whatever you like in order to hear some music, see some videos, you know...for once, do some searching of your own!