CD REVIEW Litrosis

Band: Litrosis
Title: I Am Death
Label: Pitch Black Records
Distribution: Pitch Black Records
Release date: April 9th 2012
Review: CD

Litrosis are a very young band with a handful of Greeks that reside in Greece, the U.K. and the U.S.A. - with members involved with, for example, Unholy Ritual, Lykaionas, Daylight Misery, Folkearth, Mortal Torment etc. They debut with I Am Death, which will be released in a strictly limited first digipack pressing of 333 numbered copies only.

The quintet brings forty seven minutes of eclectic and epic (Symphonic) Black Metal with a ‘continental trans-European’ sound. The latter means that the whole is comparable to several acts of, for example, Sweden and Norway, Belgium and Holland, Germany, Poland and, of course, Greece itself. This goes in the first place for the sound. The production is decent, rather clean yet, at the same time, rough, rusty and unpolished. Secondly, the musical (= instrumental + vocal) approach might seem a little heard-it-before. Indeed, the lack of originality and the inherent predictability might bother some. An example: the prominent guitar leads (see further) and the addition of harmonious vocals. And tertio, the song writing and song structures are so open-wide and open-minded, with tons of variative elements, yet not always re-inventing the scene (i.e. the tempo-changes, including both blasting and doomish passages, the acoustic intermezzos, etc.).
I did mention ‘symphonic’ before. It has to do with the keyboards’ role in general. Not the whole album gets supported by synth-parts, yet the use of keyboards is of undeniable importance and besides, it gives this album its typifying timbre.
Another mentionable fact is this: the melodic, somewhat Swedish-oriented guitar melodies and solos. I refer to the virtuoso fingerspitzen-leads that appear in each song.
Finally this: the album features a special guest appearance by Zak Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle).

I (always) recommend a good listen before buying (stealing), and in this band’s case it certainly is a necessary recommendation. This material for sure is not bad, yet ‘the scene’ has so much more to offer, meaning: stronger, more convincing, with uniqueness and persuasive grandeur, and I seem to miss it in Litrosis’ case for the better part. It leaves me unsatisfied…


Ivan Tibos.