CD REVIEW Malice  

Band : Malice  
Album title : New Breed Of Godz
Label : SPV/Steamhammer
Distributor : Suburban
Release Date : 28/05/2012
Release : CD

Malice… was a band that could have made it big, but one way or another never lived up to expectations.  If this was their fault or not I’ll leave in the middle.  Let’s just say that they played very much in the same style as Judas Priest, not only musically but even the vocals were in the same style. However after two full albums and one EP, they called it a day in 1989.

After almost two decades, it seems it started itching again, and the band reformed, albeit not completely in the original line-up.  On vocals they were joined by James Rivera, known for his work in Helstar.  And a good job they did to take him on as singer, cause his voice fits to their music like a glove.

Their style of music has not altered over the years.  They still play old school heavy metal in the style of Judas Priest, including scorching dual guitar duels, and the obvious shrieks and screams vocally.  I have always liked Judas Priest  a lot, so it should not wonder you that I also liked, and still like Malice.

A nice comeback album. These guys definitely deserve a second chance.


Erik Morren.