CD REVIEW Marauder

Band: Marauder
Title: Elegy Of Blood
Label: Pitch Black Records
Distribution: Pitch Black Records
Release date: April 27th 2012
Review: CD

Marauder… I know a couple of North-American Metal-bands with this name, yet this review deals with the Greek one.

Marauder certainly are one of the oldest Heavy Metal acts from Greece (originally formed in early 1990), and still these guys (nowadays: Alexandros Kostarakos-v, Andreas Tsaoussis-g, Giorgos Sofronas-g, Thodoris Paralis-b, and Grigoris Vlachos-d) create and perform material that sounds like the roots of a two-decade historical greatness.

Elegy Of Blood is the band’s fifth full length and it lasts for fifty one minutes. For the bigger part it goes on in the very same vein of the past, yet it might be evident that the song writing has perfected in mean time, of course.
Opening title track (only ninety seconds) is atmospheric and epic, yet as from “The Great War” you’ll experience this band’s major strength: the mixture of classical / traditional melodies with epic power and a modest hint of Fantasy in different aspects (lyrically as well, for sure).
Another strength is the ‘universal’ approach. This band is Greek, yet introduces trans-European and American elements. There’s a close border with the Thrash Metal scene (certainly when it comes to certain guitar solos and heavier rhythm explosions), and the NWOBHM-scene is of bigger importance than ever before, derogative to the Power-influences.
Another positive element is the variation in between the songs. One time, the focus lays on thrashy aggression, then on passionate, emotive Traditional Heavy Metal, heroic Modern Metal, and so on, including Maiden / Priest-like melodies, Manowar-alike fantasy, Helstar-inspired compositions, Metallica-inspired technical riffs, victorious choirs, acoustics, an enormous vocal variety, the diversity of melody and tempo, and this goes on.

Like everyone will confess, I suppose, not every piece sounds as strong as another. But despite the several positive elements I mentioned, I wonder if this album is something most Metal fans are waiting for.


Ivan Tibos.