CD REVIEW Mystagog

Band: Mystagog
Title: …Of Old
Label: Neverheard Distro
Distribution: Infektion
Release date: December 19th 2011
Review: CD

Mystagog are (were) a studio-only project by two Hungarian musicians, vocalist / drummer Angmar (also active in e.g. Diecold and Witchcraft; the latter being one of Hungary’s oldest and strongest Black Metal formations) and bass / guitar player Thanatos (ex-Thy Funeral, Diecold a.o.); the latter was active in this project under the name of Grave, by the way. Angmar normally ‘sings’, yet for this studio project he took care of the drums as well.
And in spite of their moniker, which has to do with knowledge of Catechismus and related stuff, I don’t think the Roman-Catholic Church…
[…sardonic smile on my face…]

…Of Old was originally recorded during winter 2006-2007, but officially unreleased until now, and it is / was the only recording the duo did under the moniker of Mystagog.
Additional addition to add: released at the end of last year, yet send to the Concreteweb-headquarters just very recently.
And: rather limited release: 1,000 copies on CD, and 70 hand-numbered ones on MC.

…Of Old brings thirty six minutes of morbid, grim, nihilistic and raw melodic Old Style Necro-Black Metal with a mechanical, chainsaw-buzzing sounds (a little too un-clean, but does it not fit perfectly to this explosive madness?). It comes with a little repetitive up-tempo machinery-rhythm and poisonous, sulphuric grunts, as well as an atmosphere so dense, so unpure, so suffocative and mesmerizing. …aaahrghhh, what sweetness my ear drums are pleased with… It reminds me to Darkthrone anno (first half of the) nineties, Carpathian Forest, Nebel, Pest, Ildjarn and the likes, so primitive yet grandiose for being so grumpy!
Yet again, probably only for hard-core fans of this kind of abyssal beauty…


Ivan Tibos.