CD REVIEW Neuronia

Band: Neuronia
Title: Insanity Relapse
Label: self release
Distribution: Infektion
Release date: May 14th 2012
Review: MCD

More than two years after the Follow The White Mouse full length, which was Neuronia’s second full length, Polish horde Neuronia return with a four-track EP, which will be available for free download at the .com www-page neuronia.bandcamp, as well through divers media like Facebook (ugly face!), MySpace (or YourSpace?), YouTube and ReverbNation.
The band started working on this material about one year ago and the whole was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Pawel Grabowski, known from his collaboration with formations like Disperse, Lostbone, Centurion, Dianoya and, last but certainly not least, Antigama.

The four pieces have a total running time of 16:18 minutes and dwell in between different angles. It does certainly sound fresh / refreshing and modern, yet at the same time strongly inspired by eighties Metal. The used styles are legio as well: Heavy, Thrash, Death and Groove Metal, mingled and mixed, with a catchy and melodic performance of it, and a slurring Rock’n’Roll / Punk-attitude. Without using mathematic or avant-garde elements, there is undeniably a certain progressive element present, yet it has mainly to do with the modern and technical approach on certain excerpts.
The vocals are ‘clean’ yet somewhat rough in general, and from time to time slightly epic, with just an occasional shout or chant, and without any chilly scream or a so-called high-pitched Heavy Metal shout.


Ivan Tibos.