CD REVIEW Rhapsody

Band : Rhapsody
Album title : Ascending To Infinity
Label : Nuclear Blast Records
Distributor : Pias
Release Date : 22/06/2012
Release : CD

As you all probably now since the split-up between Luca Truilli, guitar player and composer and Alex Staropoli, keyboard player, there are two Rhapsody’s.  One is Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, with Luca Turilli in their ranks, the other one is Rhapsody Of Fire, with Alex Staropoli.    Both bands continue to produce music more or less in the same vein.

Since original shouter Fabio Lione joined ranks with Alex, Luca had to find a new vocalist. This became Italian singer Allesandro Conti, who was trained as a tenor at the Corale Lirica Rossini, the same school Luciano Pavarotti  attended.  Which makes it obvious that he can control his voice very well, and is able to sing very diverse parts.

With this new album Luca continues very much in the same style as other Rhapsody albums.  Very diverse, with inspiration from classical music as well as lots of other different music styles, even folk, and very bombastic at times.  Either you like it or you don’t.  I have always liked Rhapsody’s music, and this album is no exception.

If you’re a fan of this band, or of this kind of music you can blindly buy it.


Erik Morren.