CD REVIEW Richard Marx

Band : Richard Marx
Album title : Inside My Head
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertainment
Release Date : 01/06/2012
Release : CD

If you have my age, or even some ten years younger, you’ll probably remember the hit Richard Marx scored in the late eighties with ‘Right Here Waiting’, a song that featured on his 1989 album ‘Repeat Ofender’.  This became a big hit, as well over here in Europe, as stateside.

But after that success, although he remained active in the music business, he did not manage to repeat that success, at least not in Europe.  So I’d almost forgotten about this artist, when I was given this album to review.

After a few spins my opinion was made;  This man still knows how to write a decent song, and to sing it himself as well.  Expect no hard rock though.  This is melodious rock/AOR at it’s best.  This guy knows the tricks of the trade, that’s for sure.  He has a well sounding voice, that at times reminds me of Jon Bon Jovi, or is it vice versa ?

He may be big in the States, and he has scored some 13 hits, and sold 30 million albums so far, but in Europe he is almost forgotten?  This album however has renewed my interest in this man. 


Erik Morren.