CD REVIEW 4th dimension

Band: 4th dimension
Album title: The White Path To Rebirth
Label:Crash & Burn Records
Distributor: Crash & Burn Records
Release date: 24/02/2011
Release: CD

4th Dimension was founded in 2005 by the hands of vocalist Andrea Bicego and Keyboard player Talete Fusaro. Right from the start, the band knew what way they wanted to go. Very specific symphonic power metal in the style of Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius,….The band started writing original songs in 2008, but it took them until 2010 to release their debut album with the help of Alessio Lucatti and Luigi Stefanini.

Their second album was released shortly after in 2011 after they signed a record deal with Crash & Burn Records. Their album was entitled The White Path To Rebirth and really took its time to get here (considering its been out since 24/02/2011).

Now personally I'm not into Symphonic Power Metal, but the few bands and songs that i do know and like don't sound that bad to me. This however i can't take seriously. These guys have serious song writing issues, so bad that i HAD to turn it of during the third song already. I did give the rest of the album a go after some time, but alas it didn't get any better.