CD REVIEW All Hail The Yeti

Band: All Hail The Yeti
Title: All Hail The Yeti
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Rock Inc. – Bertus
Release date: 17/08/2012
Review: CD

North-American quartet All Hail The Yeti are not that well-known in our (European) countries; there wasn’t but one single EP before (Trees On Fire With Songs Of Blood, released in 2010), I guess, and if I’m not mistaken, this band did not play live right here neither.

Does not matter… Formed in 2006 (more specifically in Hollywood) with the intention to perform un-modest and bright-lighted Modern Metal, and now debuting with their self-called full length, which lasts for an hour.

The album combines catchy Southern Rock, rhythmic Hard/ Metalcore, Progressive Thrash, punkish Stoner and psychedelic Groove Metal, drowned in whisk(e)y, injected by druggy pleasures, flavoured by campfire smoke (I did steal, honestly, this phrase from the bio, but it’s a bull’s eye hit) and salved within a stinking, festering sound. It rocks, it rolls. That’s it…

Only for fans of, let’s say, Kingdom Of Sorrow/ Pantera/ Eyehategod/ Lamb Of God/ Baroness and the likes…


Ivan Tibos.