Band: Ashent
Album title: Inheritance
Label: Lion Music
Distributor: Bertus
Release date: 21/09/2012
Release: CD

Ashent is an Italian progressive Metal band, which now returns in 2012 with their third album entitled Inheritance. It brings a different Ashent with all those changes in the band's lineup. After the 2009 release of Deconstructive, Ashent announced three new members would be filling in: Titta Tani (Goblin, Daemonia, ex-Necrophagia, ex-DGM) on lead vocals, Gilles Boscolo on keyboards and Alessandro Cossu on second guitar. So yes their sound and style has changed over the years due to those changes.

But they prove they aren't your typical pro metal band. Apart from heavy guitars and synths, the band mixes in some Mellotron, Hammond, and saxophone witch definitely sets themselves apart from others. So they definitely win the prize for being inventive and original.

The music itself can be a bit overwhelming since its pro and certainly not your average prog metal and so it will have fans in its wake and purists who will avoid this record.