CD REVIEW At The Skylines

Band: At The Skylines
Album title: The Secrets To Life
Label: Roadrunner Records
Distributor: CNR Records – Tone Entertainment – Concreteweb Promotion Office
Release date: 08/05/2012
Release: CD

Deathcore and metalcore have always been popular genres with the younger metal audience. Lately, bands such as Asking Alexandria and We Came As Romans are more popular than ever before. In only a few years time, these bands have risen to the top of the game.

A newer band in that genre are the Cali beach boys At The Skylines who have released their brand new record, The Secrets To Life, just a few months ago. The band has two vocalists, which might be the reason why this album is so vocally centered. Don't think you have the newest Emo band in front of you, because that wouldn't be true at all. At The Skylines succeeded in mixing beautiful clean vocals with terrifying screams, the heaviest breakdowns heard in a long time and even some samples.

Although the guys in At The Skylines haven't broken any new ground with The Secrets Of Life, they have written a record that's entertaining enough to deserve a spot on your metalcore album shelf. Catch them on tour this fall throughout Europe with We Came As Romans, Bless The Fall and many more.


Nick Tronckoe.