CD REVIEW Audio Porn

Band : Audio Porn
Album title : Jezebels Kiss
Label : JK Records
Distributor : Music By Mail – Connecting Music
Release date : 31/08/2012
Release : CD

Audio Porn is a band formed by singer/songwriter Azriel St. Michael and drummer Byron Black, both formerly members of Jezebels Kiss, completed with guitarist/ producer Jeff Westlake known form Hydrogiyn.

Basically what you get here is eighties style hard rock, with a pinch of sleaze rock thrown in. It’s not an extraordinary album, by which I mean that this will not bring them to stardom, but it’s honest, good sounding music. St. Michael handles the vocals very well, he’s got a pleasant voice, but what does it for me, are the guitars by Jeff Westlake. Mind you, this is not the case in all of the 11 songs, but in most of them. There are a few ‘minor’ quality songs, where the hard rock is not that prominent, but were it almost sounds as pop.

The artwork…is very nice…if you’re sixteen years old. And if you ask me that’s a pretty strange way to write Jezebels Kiss. Shouldn’t that be Jezebel’s Kiss?


Erik Morren.