CD REVIEW Bust a Move

Band : Bust a Move
Album title : There's No Place Like Home
Label : Bastardized Recordings
Distributor : Bastardized Recordings
Release date : 19/10/2012
Release : CD

The five-piece deathcore band Bust a Move is ready to change the vast death scene with a refreshing, but most of all brutal mixture of death metal riffs, blasting breakdowns and shivering growls.

With their latest release, entitled There's No Place Like Home, Bust a Move really shows that their own style is where they find themselves at ease, a style where they have succeeded to lift themselves to the next level. This album proves to be professional in so many ways. The songs are more aggressive, catchy and they are technically way better than on the band's previous releases. Just some examples of these improvements are to be discovered in songs such as “Inner Demon”, “Swallow the Pill of Disrespect” and “Desperation”.

There's No Place Like Home truly shows the commitment and passion of all five band members. Are you ready to get contaminated by Bust a Move? Go for it! There's No Place Like Home will blow you off your feet.