CD REVIEW Circle II Circle

Band : Circle II Circle
Album title : Full Circle – The Best Of
Label : AFM Records
Distributor : Rock Inc. – Bertus
Release date : 20/07/2012
Release : CD

So far Circle II Circle has released five regular studio albums, so they – or the guys at the record company - must have thought it was the moment to release a ‘Best Of’ album. And if you release a ‘best of’ why not immediately release it as a double album they must have thought. All in all there are no less than 32 tracks on this double album.

This seems much, after all on the five studio albums there were only some fifty odd tracks, so 32 songs is about 60 % of that. But fear not, some tracks are represented in two different versions. And besides tracks taken from the five albums, there are also some B-sides and some bonus tracks. As a matter of fact only 20 tracks were taken from the studio albums. Their first album Watching In Silence is best represented.

While listening to this album, you can clearly hear that the quality/sound music this band produced, was greatly influenced by the line-up of the band, but there is one constant element and that is the mighty voice of Zak Stevens formerly ‘shouter’ with Savatage.

If you’ve never heard of this band before, something I would think is almost impossible if you love your rock music, then this is an ideal chance to sample the music this band has produced over the last decade. Highly recommended.


Erik Morren.