CD REVIEW Civilian

Band: Civilian
Album title: Wake-Up Call
Label: Own release
Distributor: /
Release date: Out Now
Release: CD

Civilian is a fairly young rock band from Hasselt, Belgium. The band consists of David Dejeneffe (guitars/ backing vocals), Peter Vrancken (guitar), Christophe Beliën (bass), Johan Van Den Berghe (drums / backing vocals) and Mark Van Luijk (lead vocals). Civilian provides a sort of musical link between seventies and now. Between classic Hard Rock, Alternative Rock & Metal.

This can best be explained as for example lyrics that could have been from a Metal band, but the song instrumentally played in a Groove or Classic Rock vibe (or vice versa). Which sometimes works, and on others songs absolutely not.

Their debut album Wake-Up Call is as of now available and yes, to be honest this is a fierily good solid album. It sounds good, feels good (apart from the strange combinations from time to time) and there are even a few good hit singles on this one.