CD REVIEW Crystal Viper

Band: Crystal Viper
Album title: The Curse Of The Crystal Viper
Label: AFM Records
Distributor: Rock Inc. – Bertus
Release date: 20/07/2012
Release: CD (Re-issue)

The band formed in 2003 by the hands of vocalist Marta Gabriel. Their first concert took place at the club, Ramp, in Chorzow, in March 2004 consisting of: Marta Gabriel (vocals), Janusz Domagała (guitar), Paweł Szkołut (guitar), Marcin Gwoździk (drums) and Marek Mrzyczek (bass). In 2006 he formed a team official guitarist Luke "Andy Wave" Halczuch, bassist Thomas "Tommy Roxx" Targosz and drummer Thomas "Golem" Danczak . February 25, 2007 released debut album called The Curse Of The Crystal Viper and was released on the German label Karthago Records music .

After recording the album, Thomas "Tommy Roxx" Targosz left the band and was replaced by Dee Key. Then Vicky'ego Vicka succeeded Peter "Pete Raven" Brzychcy.

That first studio album of this Polish female fronted act : The Curse Of Crystal Viper (recorded in 2006, originally released in 2007) and was reissued on July 20, 2012, via AFM Records. The record is packed with a bunch of rare bonus tracks, and has extended booklets with lot of previously unseen photos and all lyrics. Which is a cool fan thing. As for the music itself, you either like it or not. It certainly doesn't sound bad. It’s well produced and well played but gives a feeling like every song on this record sounds the same.