CD REVIEW Cyclophonia

Band: Cyclophonia
Album title: Impact Is Imminent
Label: Battlegod Productions
Distributor: Battlegod Productions
Release date: Out Now
Release: CD

Hailing from Harstad Norway, is six piece Metal band Cyclophonia who just released its debut album entitled Impact Is Imminent through Battlegod Productions.

The band is rather young so I couldn't find any good solid info about them. But this debut album can best be described as a power metal record. Lots of high vocals and those typical riffs/ solo and songs about battle. However, it lacks the balls to make you grab that sword that hangs on the wall and go kill dragons or something.
It are all good musicians in this band and you clearly hear they are having fun but sound wise, they still need to work on that. But since they aren't that old they still have a lot of room to grow and perfect their sound and songwriting.