Band : Denizen
Album title : Whispering With Stories
Label : Self Release
Distributor : Clearspot
Release date : 2012
Review : CD

Good Stoner/ Sludge is very easy to identify. Sometimes, however, it's hard to actually figure out why it's good.

I have been listening Denizen’s third full length cd and I have been impressed by the quality of the band's music and their ability to get their musical point across. The bottom line here is that, although I can't tell you exactly why, this is a good band from France with an enjoyable, if not spectacular, Sludge record. The music is clear and simple; tight and easy to listen to. The vocals are strong although sometimes too much piggy screamy. 

Overall, Whispering With Stories is engaging, but the band needs to show more teeth and a little more variety. This minor key stuff is good for a track or two, but not for an entire CD. Denizen shows a lot of potential, but they need to crank the energy level up a notch.