CD REVIEW Ektomorf

Band: Ektomorf
Title: Black Flag
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Rock Inc. – Bertus
Release date: 31/08/2012
Review: CD

The Hungarians of Ektomorf do surprise each time again. At the end of last year we could enjoy the The Acoustic-album, and all former recordings brought an eccentric and ultra-heavy mixture of Groove, Deathcore and Neo-Thrash, if you want to. New album Black Flag isn’t a The Acoustic ‘part 2’, but for the better part it goes on in the vein of 2010’s Redemption, which did differ, for example, from its predecessor What Doesn’t Kill Me … (probably my favourite Ektomorf-record???). What did you expect? It has been Mister Tue Madsen again for the knob-handling – what a powerful, overwhelming and breath-taking sound – and this attests the powerful, mighty mix, by all means.

When it comes to this new full length, you cannot ignore the fabulous start. The first minute and a half of opener “War Is My Way” is way beyond imagination and it does promise another huge collection of Power-tracks. Unfortunately it isn’t the case. “War Is My Way” is an excellent track (read: surprisingly varying and very impressing in structure), but it might be one of the very few songs that exhales the true ‘core’ of Ektomorf’s raison d’être. Many tracks, unfortunately, sound like easy-made, cheap Thrashcore try-outs, uninspired and uninviting, predictable and rather hollow. That’s sad, very sad indeed. It’s like Soulfly and Slipknot collected some b-side material to fill in a gap in between two ‘real’ recordings?...

I’m confused. Even the injection of their characterising Gypsy-elements is of a minor quality this time. I don’t get it; Black Flag must be the anti-thesis of mighty Redemption
No further comment…


Ivan Tibos.