CD REVIEW Electric Light Orchestra

Band : Electric Light Orchestra
Album title : Mr. Blue Sky – The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade Benelux – Tone Entertrainment
Release date : 05/10/2012
Release : CD

You cannot call Electric Light Orchestra’s music hard rock, it’s more AOR and even then it’s very radio friendly AOR, getting more close to Pop than to Rock.  But  it’s an unmistakable fact that this band has given us some classics, like ”Mr. Blue Sky” or ”Don’t Bring Me Down”.

This album is released as an ELO album, but the truth is that it’s more some kind of solo album by Mr. Jeff Lynne, who seems to have played all the instruments himself, as well as doing the vocals. He’s re-recorded the greatest hits of ELO, and given them a repolishing. Has it improved the songs? I guess not. The songs already were good, and since the sound isn’t drastically changed, they stay good. 

So tome it seems that this album is somewhat redundant, but since I didn’t have an ELO album in my collection it’s after all a welcome addition to my collection. It’s also a bit sad that a great band like ELO has sunk into oblivion nowadays.


Erik Morren.