CD REVIEW Ewigheim

Band: Ewigheim
Title: Bereue Nichts
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Suburban
Release date: 25/05/2012
Review: CD

Germany’s Ewigheim is a project by some guys who did / do work with each other in several other abstract and weird combos. Yantit and Allen B. Konstanz (as well as session vocalist Blutkehle) worked together in raw Black Metal band Panzerkreutz, as well as experimental Goth / Dark Metal act Marienbad (review on the fabulous album Nachtfall by [it] posted on May 8th 2011). Yantit (and so is Blutkehle) is active in Eisregen too (review on Schlangensonne, done by colleague Jeroen, posted on 07/07/2010) (and he’s also involved with, for example, Transilvanian Beat Club or ex-Bethlehem, FYI); Allen is in The Vision Bleak (for the interested ones, the review on Set Sail To Misery, also done with pleasure by [it], is still available on Concreteweb’s April 8th 2010-update), Nox Mortis and Asgaia, to name but a few (fyi: he worked as producer / engineer for projects Yantit is involved with, like Transilvanian Beat Club or Eisregen). It means the guys do know each other for sure.

And what’s more, as from now on they will be permanently joined by former session musician / producer Markus Stock (aka Ulf Theodor Schwadorf), formerly or currently active in e.g. Empyrium (an act Allen did work with as live musician), Sun Of The Sleepless, Autumnblaze, Noekk or Nachtmahr, to name but a few, yet he’s also a colleague of Allen in e.g. The Vision Bleak or defunct Nox Mortis. Besides, he did produce works of Marienbad, Eisregen or Bethlehem – all acts the other members are / were involved with as well. Yes, a close club of cuties indeed, almost incestuous…

Throughout the past years (and then we’re talking about a decade of existence), Ewigheim did record two full lengths (and some EP’s too, for the interested ones), but indeed it took more than seven years in between the last full length (2004’s Heimwege) and this new effort, Bereue Nichts.

Like all projects by (one of) these guys, you cannot expect any normality. In the case of Ewigheim, it’s Dark/ Gothic/ Electronic Metal they perform, yet of course not of the average kind. First of all the German lyrics. No, in comparison to many (most) Goth-projects all around, the texts do not deal with emotional stuff like the loss of a loved one, melancholy, sadness and that kind of atmospheres. Instead, the lyrics deal with harsh topics, like suicide, rebellion, gore and euthanasia. Sometimes it’s really ‘earnest’ or serious (like the pro-option for suicide and euthanasia), with rather philosophical textual concepts, then again it’s rather black humour that covers the whole (sex with a decomposing body) or Poésie Noire to colour the picture fantastically obscured.

The musical context combines melody and atmosphere. Ewigheim is not an extreme act if ‘extreme’ means heavy, harsh, fast and furious. Yes, it’s heavy for sure, when it comes to the sound of the rhythm guitars, for example – with gratitude to the enormous production. Yet the whole sounds rather floating, with a focus on slow tempos, clean dual vocals, spherical keyboard passages etc. Yet in this case too, it does differ from any ‘normal’ Gothic band on Mater Terra. Some pieces are mainly guitar-driven, others filled with emotions, then again electronic up-tempo the ‘danceable’ way or dark-doomed, etc. At first sight there’s a certain catchiness, but when you dig deeper into the album, it starts getting suffocative.

As you might guess, it’s a grow-album, which needs several listens before you’ll get the whole picture. Yet again, did you expect anything else?


Ivan Tibos.