Band: Helstar
Album title: 30 Years Of Hel
Label: AFM Records
Distributor: Rock Inc. – Bertus
Release date: 31/08/2012
Release: CD + DVD

Somewhere around 1981 in Houston, Texas, at the tender age of 16, Larry Barragan knows he wants to form a band that is special; one whose members would all compliment his burgeoning writing and playing skills to create a musical monster! He forms Helstar with members of his previous band, Black Rose.
The band was very successful with a host of several great albums, but somewhere around 1990 the band released several demos witch didn't get the attention the band wanted and they lost some popularity. Later on there were a couple of reunion tours to get the engine burning again, but they didn't release any new material.

In 2006, for the first time in over 15 years, James Rivera and Larry Barragan reunited and Helstar was officially declared musically active again. Along with Abarca, Rivera and Barragan, also reunited with the Remnants of War album were guitarist Robert Trevino and Eternity Black drummer Russell De'leon.

And now a couple years later the band has its 30 years old anniversary and released a live album (with a DVD). Well it are their greatest hits and it's live, so this is definitely a win-win situation. But to be honest these power metal gods could have provided a better production of the record. There aren't any big mistakes or something, but it sounds a bit dull and powerless. Certainly in comparison to the other great live records that have been released this year.