CD REVIEW Jeff Lynne

Band : Jeff Lynne
Album title : Long Wave
Label : Frontiers Records
Distributor : Rough Trade – Tone Entertainment
Release date : 05/10/2012
Release : CD

Besides the re-recorded ELO album with their very best songs on, Mr. Lynne has also recorded a solo-album, containing 11 covers. Why he did this is unclear to me, as I find he does not give these songs a bonus by covering them.

The songs are fine, and he does have a good voice, but it’s all soooo slow. This might be good music to dose off with, but if you’re more into rock, then stay clear of this record. I don’t understand why Frontiers Records, who usually release rather good albums, has given Mr. Lynne  the opportunity to release this album, because this is grandmothers stuff.

For all die hard rockers, stay well away of this record, or give it as a present to your grandparents, at least they might be happy with it.


Erik Morren.