CD REVIEW Judas Priest

Band : Judas Priest
Album title : Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition
Label : Sony Music
Distributor : Sony Music
Release date : 04/09/2012
Release : CD + DVD

There are some albums that are able to stand the test of time, and Screaming For Vengeance is one of those happy few. It may be thirty years old, but by no means does it sound dated, on the contrary, it sounds just as fresh as it did back in 1982, and if it wasn’t that by back hurts at this moment you might see me playing air guitar and headbanging like we did back in ’82.

Of course Judas Priest is one of all times great metal bands, what with the famous guitar duels between Glenn Tipton and  K.K. Downing backed up with a famous rhythm section consisting of Ian Hill and at that time Dave Holland on drums, not to forget the fabulous vocals by Rob Halford, their charismatic frontman. Together they brought us heavy metal that was of an utterly high quality, just like their fellow countrymen from Iron Maiden did.

This special edition contains the original album, with six bonus tracks added, five of whom are live tracks, as well as a DVD with live footage form the 1983 US Festival. If you’re a fan of real metal, and you haven’t already got a copy of this album, then I would suggest you run to the nearest record store and buy it immediately.


Erik Morren.