Band: Kaotik
Title: Starving Death
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Suburban
Release date: 26/10/2012
Review: CD

Kaotik are a young Canadian quintet that were able to have this album mixed and mastered by nobody else but Dan Swanö (who, by the way, also provided some guest vocals, just like former Gorguts/ Negativa-member Luc Lemay). I only know their 2009-EP New Born Khaos and I’m not sure the band did record anything else in mean time.

Does not matter; of importance is this first official studio full length, with a total running time of more than fifty minutes, and released through Massacre Records, whom the band did sign to earlier this year. When I just received this i-pooled promo-version (amongst a few tens of others), and when I first listened to it without having read any biography (as a matter of fact, the label did not include a biography this time, so I was in a state of purest virginity when exploring this band’s pleasures and joys), I thought Kaotik were a Dutch act. This is the kind of stuff that reminds me enormously to (especially) the earliest days of Pestilence, Gorefest, God Dethroned, Asphyx, Thanatos, Sinister or Hail Of Bullets. But no, Kaotik seem to be Canadian.

Never mind, because being compared to the top of Holland’s glorious top-scene cannot be but a compliment, not?! And damn yeah, what these guys bring is a fantastic edition of melodic yet extremely heavy, pounding and uncompromising Death Metal. The goal is not to be the fastest band from North America, yet to find a perfect equilibrium in between aggression and melody. And these guys succeed to find a perfect balance!

The approach is timeless, even though heavily inspired by the old scene, and this also has to do with the sound: heavy-as-f*ck, rough yet well-produced and faultlessly mixed. And not only fans of the Dutch scene will appreciate this effort, yet also those who like stuff from, let’s say, Canada and the United States of the New World, as well as Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the U.K. and Norway, and whatever, Botswana and Papua New Guinea included…


Ivan Tibos.