CD REVIEW Kill Devil Hill

Band: Kill Devil Hill
Album title: Kill Devil Hill
Label: Steamhammer – SPV
Distributor: Suburban
Release date: 28/04/2012
Release: CD

Kill Devil Hill is a metal supergroup founded in 2011 by drummer Vinny Appice (former Dio, Heaven & Hell and Black Sabbath), bassist Rex Brown (former Pantera and Down), guitarist Mark Zavon and lead vocalist Dewey Bragg (Pissing Razors). The band is named after the town of Kill Devill Hills which is infamous for its pirating days (which is pretty metal).

So most of you have seen and hears most of these guys "at work" one way or another. But the best way to describe or compare this record is that Rex Brown has had the most influence. This really sounds as a somewhat softer version of Down which I mean in a positive way. A bit of smooth groove metal witch is fun to hang out/ chill out with or just to wake up with.

For the rest there isn't much to say about this record? It’s really good and all musicians know what they are doing so this is a win-win situation and a must have.